10 Red Wings Who Could Play at 2022 World Junior Championship

One of the greatest things of undergoing an overhaul is watching the prospect pool for the team become filled. Similar to watching a pool get full and get you exuberant in knowing that as it fills more and more deep, great moments are in store. In the case of the Detroit Red Wings, their pool is at an extent that it's yet too late to get out the floating toys and pool toys.


This fact will be in the spotlight starting next month , when the World Junior Championship 2022 Live Tournament (WJC) will kick off on December. 26. The event, which is for players aged 20 and under, will include many of the top prospects that have been drafted and also the top prospects who will hear their names announced at the next draft in Montreal. If a team is able to boast many top prospects, they are likely to be represented well in the tournament which is likely to be the case with this year's Red Wings.

A few of the names on this list are guaranteed to represent their country at this event. Some might be lucky enough to get into the event, or might be being on the outside. Whatever the case, with participants from all across the globe there's no doubt that you'll like the chances that at the very the very least, some Red Wings prospect is going be able to walk away from this competition and carry a silver medal on their neck.

Team Canada

(G) Sebastian Cossa

It is believed that the Red Wings' "goaltender of the future" is virtually guaranteed to represent Canada in this tournament, and the odds are similar to those of Canada will be the main player in net. The 15th selection of the 2021 draft is off to a roaring beginning as a player in the Western Hockey League with the Edmonton Oil Kings. He is 11-3-3 with and with a 2.14 goals-against rate (GAA) and an SV% (SV%)) at .929. The thing that is crazy is the fact that this figure is a little bit of a decrease from the previous season, when his record was 17-1-1 with having a GAA of 1.57 and an percentage of .941. The numbers are almost certain likely to decrease this year however, since last year was a wild year with a few games, a small number of players and a minimal amount of travel (meaning the teams frequented with the same teams often) because of the pandemic.

This goalie is clearly among the best in his peers, however there are still questions about whether or it is Cossa is the right choice. Red Wings picked the right goalie in the 15th spot overall, considering this fact: Swedish goalie Jesper Wallstedt was considered to be ahead of Cossa by the vast majority of the world of scouting. The WJC will not only provide Cossa with the chance to take on his country's image on a stage but also offers him an opportunity to address the questions. Sweden and Canada could be able to meet in the gold-medal game and beating Wallstedt could make a huge difference in making Cossa's way to the NHL.

(D) Donovan Sebrango

Sebrango was selected as 63rd overall in his 2020 selection, very few players have been so exciting and inspiring to follow as Sebrango. Because of being a part of the Ontario Hockey League delaying and then suspending their 2020-21 season Sebrango was able to train playing in the American Hockey League (AHL) during the season last year and, quite surprisingly didn't look like an 18-year-old. In the current season, he's played in 14 games for The Grand Rapids Griffins and leads the team in terms of total and plus. Although the offensive component that he plays is not as strong but he has an alternating style of play which has already brought him close with Griffins Head Coach Ben Simon, and would likely be able to do the same with the coach of Team Canada, Dave Cameron.

The fact that Sebrango being included on this list is an indication to the progress he has made within his field. Sebrango was not participant in last year's team which won an Olympic silver medal, but his inclusion in this year's squad even in a bottom pair role - will strengthen Canada's defensive capabilities, and would provide the natives of Ottawa the sporting experience you can't duplicate. It's not being a guaranteed selection spot on the team However, it is something that should be carefully thought about.

Team USA

(C) Red Savage

As head of the Americans U-18 team this the year Savage had previous experience international matches as well as in a leadership capacity in addition. Although it's unlikely Savage will keep his position as a "C" for the U-20 team, his high-effort play style is likely to work well for the Americans fourth line, particularly if they wish to create a match-up line that will reduce those from Canada as well as the Swedens from around the globe.

The 114th pick in the 2021 draft has scored five point (all aids) throughout 12 matches in the current season for Miami University (Ohio). Savage hasn't set all the globe on fire with his offensive skills but that's not been his forte. He's a player that puts all his effort into both ends , and will take on with his adversaries until they need to go home exhausted. The kind of tough-nosed players are the ones that a successful fourth line is typically made up of. Team USA would do well to add him to their team.

(LW) Carter Mazur

Mazur has gotten getting off to a fantastic start this season at Mazur's team, the University of Denver. In his first 12 games, he's scored nine points and seven goals and the good things usually occur when he's on playing field, generally speaking. He is a local to Jackson, Michigan is a player who excels when he's in an offensive situation, but his ceiling may not be as high as the other American players who are considered as lock-ins for this year's team.

It's actually that upside, or the lack of it and the lack of it that keeps him from joining the team. Mazur has shown enough in the season to merit some attention from the media and this is true even if he does not make the squad - however, it all is a matter of others and the way Americans would like to construct their team. When you're constructing teams that are made up of some of the top young players in a particular nation, there'll be plenty of talented players left to the side. If he is able to make the team for this year, it's an impressive signification of the effort he's put into this season.

Team Sweden

(D) Simon Edvinsson

Two players are from the Red Wings' prospect pool who are guaranteed to play in this tournament. The first is named Cossa and another is the player Detroit chose to select in the first selection in the draft of 2021. Since getting that the Red Wings call his name as the sixth pick, Edvinsson has done nothing other than impress. He's playing an impressive 20 minutes per evening for a top team from the Swedish Hockey League (SHL) and has scored 10 points in 17 games in the current season. He's a player who has gained some momentum in his first draft season and could very well be Sweden's best player at this time of the tournament.

This chance to play the best players of his age group could aid Red Wings fans get a more accurate picture of where he's at in his growth timetable. If Sweden is successful in the tournament this year, Edvinsson is going to contribute significantly to this, which would suggest that you can count on him to be a major player on the field in Detroit earlier and not later. In all honesty this could be the player to keep an eye on for as far as Red Wings fans are concerned just based on the fact that the defense of Detroit this season has highlighted the importance of the fact that 20-year-old Moritz Seider might need some help in the future.

(D) William Wallinder

If there were any doubts regarding Wallinder's selection to Team Sweden heading into this season, those doubts have been mostly dispelled in the beginning of the season. He's scored nine points and three goals in 18 games during the season. And is playing the game in ways that he wasn't the last time. In essence, he's beginning to be the type of player whom the Red Wings envisioned when they chose him 32nd overall during the draft of 2020.

Wallinder could be a part of the second or third team, depending on how Sweden plans to use their defensemen. Wallinder could get power play time and perhaps also penalty-kill time, depending on the other players who join Wallinder on the blue line. If he does make the team and is selected for the team, this year's WJC is likely to provide a fair assessment of where he's in his growth. I'm inclined to believe that he's a few years away from a chance to compete for an NHL roster spot, however an impressive performance at this event could change that outlook.

(F) Theodor Niederbach

The teammate of Edvinsson with Frolunda, Niederbach is having himself a great year in the SHL with five points over 21 games, while also playing consistent time in Sweden's premier league, an occurrence that was not the norm this time last year. In his role at Frolunda Niederbach is likely to fit into the Sweden puzzle as a 3rd line forward who doesn't harm the team's defense and is able to contribute everywhere on the field. It's an Army Swiss knife type of player who does numerous things well, but doesn't always do well at one particular thing.

Niederbach's versatility as forward makes him a possibility to be a part of Sweden's special teams. But Niederbach could be able to make a statement as a possible player the extent to which a part of his game makes an impact. The 51st selection of 2019's selection is the kind of player with the quality depth that championship teams typically possess He'll try to be a positive influence for Sweden should he be able to secure a spot on the team.

(C) Liam Dower Nilsson

In truth you could easily copy the majority of Savage's work and then copy it to this page. Similar to Savage and the Americans, Dower Nilsson was the captain of Sweden's U-18 squad this year. He plays a strong two-way give-it-all style of play that is well-suited when playing in the bottom six position. Similar to Savage, Dower Nilsson would probably be Sweden's fourth line center , if it is decided that he will make the team.

Dower Nilsson isn't guaranteed to be picked, however. Although he has previous an international experience The 134th pick in the 2021 draft spent the bulk of this season on Frolunda's J20 team (it's important to note that he's performed extremely good at this level, scoring 18 points in just 15 games.) He's not a top-tier athlete and is one of the players of lower-tier that , theoretically, are interchangeable. He's got the skills to make the team, however, a matter of preference can hinder him from joining the team.

Team Finland

(D) Eemil Viro

Fully open: I adore this player. Viro is a two-way defensive player who can provide quality play on both sides of the field. Although the Finnish defenseman isn't able to boast the advantages of Edvinsson or Wallinder however, he's an athlete who can get important time, and he'll be able to contribute precisely this in the upcoming game for Team Finland next month. This isn't too unreasonable to think about as he had an identical role on the team last year as well.

The 70th pick in the 2020 draft recorded just two points over seven games at the last tournament, with a score of plus-7 in way to Finland's bronze medal. Viro will not be joining the game with the intensity and efficiency of Edvinsson However, positive events usually occur when Viro is out on the ice as a testimony to his versatility. As with Edvinsson If Finland will have an enjoyable competition, Viro will more than likely play a major role in the outcome. If you watch one of the games played by Finland in the tournament, be prepared that you will hear his name a lot.

Team Czechia

(G) Jan Bednar

As a member of the team that represented Czechia, Bednar did not have any action in the tournament last year However, it's possible that this year's tournament will change. The 107th player in the 2020 draft has had an impressive campaign playing in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League this year, registering 7-5-1 with having a 3.19 GAA, and a .905 percentage of SV in the Acadie Bathurst Titan.

Team Czechia will not be a major force during this year's tournament however, that shouldn't stop their participation from being an interesting observer. The team of last year was stuffed with players hoping to establish their country on the international stage This year's team is not any different. One of them is Bednar who is in the midst of a competition is an opportunity for him to truly make himself a name for goalie prospects within the Red Wings' prospect pool. It's not going be about the number of goals he scores or doesn't quit but it will be about the way he plays and whether or whether he's giving his team the chance to win, if there's a chance for him to be on the field of course.

Red Gold Wings

As was mentioned previously in the past, fans of the Red Wings and their fans are in a position to witness important players of the future end the tournament this year with gold medals on their necks. If you think about it, with these many players who have a an opportunity to represent their country There's a good chance that there'll some Red Wings representatives wearing silver and bronze medals too. While these team accomplishments are significant and the memories will be cherished by the players however, the most important aspect from an NHL perspective is that the players are successful for their country regardless of whether they win at the event.

With the tournament of this year just one month from now, we're ready to take a clear view of how impressive this year's Red Wings' prospect pool appears. As the new year comes around and we'll be able to get a accurate idea of whether or there's a fact, the right time to bust out the pool toys and floaties.



Women’s Worlds 2021: Canada, USA set up Showdown for Gold

During the semi-final of the 2021 IIHF World Championship, Mélodie Daoust scored two goals, and Ann-Renée Desbiens scored 10 saves, as Canada beat Switzerland in 4-0 victory, Monday night.

The victory is scheduled for Tuesday night at 7 p.m. versus the United States. In their half-finals, the Americans beat Finland 3-0 earlier. In her shutout, Nicole Hensley made 14 saves.

The Canadians began well and in the opening 7 minutes of the game again scoring 1:38 apart with Renata Fast and Daoust. In the first quarter Switzerland was outshot 20-2 and overall was outshot 65-10. She made 61 saves in a big effort, Swiss goalkeeper Andrea Brändli.

Switzerland is going to play the bronze medal in Finland.

"[Brändli is] an enormous portion of why it's just4-0," said captain Lara Stalder in Switzerland. "We must look ahead, rest well as tomorrow's bronze medal game."

In the second period Daoust scored her second goal of the game, in a Marie-Philip Poulin shot that struck her skate, got up in the air before rebounding into the net.

The tournament is led by Daoust with six goals and six assists in six games. The second goal of the competition was Rebecca Johnston's score, with just three minutes left.

Daoust was recognized one of Canada's best players in the competition and shared with her son Mathéo a memorable moment after the match. She could not be near him since the squad was in a bubble at that event, and before that, the team was camping in Calgary.

"It was too lengthy," remarked Daoust of her son's time away. "We were here in Calgary for 40+ days. It was certainly a struggle, but I am glad that I was among my buddies. He is why I'm here and I'd want to show him you can make it if you have a dream. He'll be proud of me, I hope."

It will also be Daoust's first gold medal game, after participating in two Olympics. She had to settle for bronze in 2019, her maiden World Championship. Injuries and other choices on the roster meant that she constantly looked outside.

She said, "It's incredible. "It was an extended journey, many injury ups and downs [...] It will mean the world. The globe. We waited this moment." This time we waited.

Canada is taking 5-1 round robin victory against America, but two teams are going to look forward to improving for the gold medal game on Tuesday.

"We've got some positive things from that game, but we want to improve a lot," Canadian lead coach Troy Ryan stated. "We hope they will be better, and we anticipate that we will be better so that it will be a nice match."

The Olympic Committee will meet Japan to finish in fifth position in the 2023 World Championship in Group A and will also play for both bronze and gold medals.